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Japanese traditional musical instrument "Shinobue"

Equal temperament tuning of 440hz or 442hz.

All overseas specifications are lacquered, making them resistant to environmental changes.

Please enjoy the wonderful tone.

If you are allergic to lacquer, please consult us.



Gagaku has been inherited for 1200 years. Ryuteki is playing gagaku.

Export specifications. Ryuteki-box and beeswax for maintennance are included in the set.

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Total price 210,000.JPY

Contents included, Ryuteki-box, beeswax, EMS deliverry, pakcing.

Since it is in stock, it can be shipped immediately.

Card payment is possible.

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Export specification Shinobue

Shinobue C-major

Item No. D8P-4

please choose either 440hz or 442hz

Total price 51,000.JPY

Contents included, shinobue-box,  EMS deliverry, pakcing.

It is made to order. Production period is 3 manths.

Card payment is possible.

Please contact us.